We’ll Always Have Paris

We’ll Always Have Paris Milton H. Greene was passionate about five things: beautiful women, Paris, food, fishing, and his family. In 1951 while running down a staircase from one Paris collection to another, he passed one of the models, Nelly Nyad. They both stopped and eyed one another. Milton introduced himself as a photographer, she…

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Top Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

Outdoor portrait of Steve McQueen

Get Started with Outdoor Portrait Photography Outdoor portrait photography can be rewarding yet challenging for many photographers. Throughout the mid-20th century, Milton Greene pioneered on-location photography, which meant that he had to master the art of outdoor portrait photography. With his trusted analog camera in hand, he captured some of the most intimate and never-before-seen…

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Old Photo Restoration: The Process

old photo restoration

Milton H.Greene was a legendary photographer whose work was featured in many publications such as Look and Vogue magazine. Through his talented ability to capture personalities, he brought his subjects’ to life in each of his photos. According to his son Joshua, although much of Milton’s work was published, he died heartbroken that many of…

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What Midcentury Fashion Really Looked Like

midcentury fashion

Midcentury styles are not just for furniture – and nobody captured the era more perfectly than Milton Greene, famous for his fashion and celebrity photography during Hollywood’s golden age. From conservative designs to simple yet elegant ways to accentuate your natural features, here are ten examples of what midcentury fashion looked like in its heyday,…

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Tips for Modern Photo Preservation

photo preservation

Photo Preservation Keeps History Alive  Preserving a physical photograph requires great care and attention to detail. Protecting it against common threats presents challenges that differ wildly from modern digital methods. These can include airborne moisture, ultraviolet light, improper handling of the photo, and many more.  Milton H. Greene pioneered on-location photography long before digital cameras…

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Happy Birthday – John F. Kennedy

Glamour magazine did a college issue every year celebrating the top ten outstanding females from campuses throughout the country. For the 1960 issue, each state’s Senator was photographed with the college winner of his home state. Senator John F. Kennedy fell to Milton, who photographed JFK with the winner from Massachusetts.

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Happy Birthday – Henry Fonda

Milton was contracted by American Airlines for their advertising campaign. A medley of stars were photographed including Henry Fonda as seen here in 1955.

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Happy Birthday – Phil Silvers

Actor and Comedian Phil Silvers was born May 11, 1911. Best known for his role as Sgt. Bilko, Silvers was a television mainstay for decades. Milton H. Greene photographed Phil in 1963, when he, along with singer Robert Goulet, was a guest on friend Judy Garland’s variety TV special “Judy Garland and Her Guests.”

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Happy Birthday – Audrey Hepburn

Milton photographed Audrey in 1951 for Life magazine, Milton photographed Audrey Hepburn in a portrait setting and backstage at the Barrymore Theater for the Broadway production of “Gigi”. Adapted from the novel by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette, “Gigi” was a stage play by Anita Loos. While on assignment for Look, Milton was sent to Europe in the summer of 1955 where he photographed a medley of European and American movie stars which included Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer at their home in Rome and on the set of “War and Peace”.

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Happy Birthday – Barbra Streisand

Milton photographed Barbra Streisand a handful of times. In 1964, after being delayed five times, “Funny Girl” finally opened on Broadway and turned out to be a huge smash. Composer Jule Styne custom-fit the show to its star and Fanny Brice ran away with it. Milton photographed Barbara at Joe Eula’s apartment for the Life Magazine story on “Funny Girl” in May of 1964.

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