Portfolio IV


March 1955 – In light of the new partnership, Milton set up a series of sittings to explore angles, lighting and hair and neck lines, to become more familiar with how the camera and lights captured Marilyn. These were not necessarily for any particular assignment; simply a learning tool for both of them to study. 

Monroe and Chevalier

September 1955 – Milton spent a lovely afternoon with Marilyn and entertainer Maurice Chevalier in his New York studio while on an assignment for Look magazine. Using two of his three favorite props (a hat and some soft fabric, which in this case is the boa and the ostrich fan Marilyn is holding), Milton posed them around an upright piano as Chevalier’s accompanist played mood music. Chevalier serenaded Marilyn with song after song as his accompanist kept reminding him of more favorites.

Red Sweater

July 1955 – Donning one of Milton’s props, Marilyn is shape shifting in his cashmere red sweater. Innocent, charming and funny, Marilyn was always the consummate actress.


July 1955 – The Greene’s home in Weston, Connecticut was originally a barn and a residence. Milton converted the barn by putting in large ten-foot by four-foot windowpanes in the ceiling as skylights and similar windows on the north wall. The light in the studio was soft and glowed. It was more like a painter or sculptor’s studio than a photographer’s. It was designed by the artist Joe Eula, a close family friend.


February 1955 – Look magazine gave Milton an assignment to shoot oriental gowns. Marilyn posed as the model. Close family friend, artist Joe Eula was the stylist. They created the right setting with Asian-style furnishings: a screen, a table and large pillows with tassels. Milton and Joe’s wicked sense of humor led them to include Pekingese dogs as an Asian accessory. One of the images from this sitting appeared in Look’s June 14, 1955 edition. 

V-Neck Sweater

August 1955 – After a family breakfast, and with Marilyn wearing a tennis sweater left behind from a previous fashion sitting, she and Milton went to the playpen once again. 

White Fur

December 1955 – 1955 had been a pivotal year that would change both Milton and Marilyn’s lives forever. The lawsuit with 20th Century Fox was now behind them and they were ready for what would become a momentous 1956. Here, Marilyn is wearing a white mink, a gift from her business partner, Milton.

White Robe

March 1955 – Here Marilyn has just finished doing her makeup, and is wearing her favorite outfit, a white terrycloth robe. As she came out of the studio, Milton said, “Let’s shoot this.” And, unprompted, he began shooting her in the robe.