My Story by Marilyn Monroe – New Autobiography on Audible


We are proud and excited to announce the release of Marilyn Monroe’s autobiography ‘My Story’ on Audible. Narrated by 2013 ‘Audiobook Narrator of the Year’ January LaVoy, an Atlanta-based actress who is best known for playing Noelle Ortiz-Stubbs on ‘One Life to Live.’ LaVoy also earned a Grammy Nomination in 2020 for her work as Charlotte in the audiobook ‘Charlotte’s Web.’

My Story by Marilyn Monroe

An intimate look at a silver screen legend

The image of Marilyn Monroe has become so entwined with the Golden Age of Hollywood, so foundational to Americana pop culture, and so symbolic of sex, glamour, and fame that, at times, the late icon’s humanity is lost to legend. In her tragically unfinished memoir, Monroe tells her own story, shattering misconceptions and offering a glimpse into a side of the star previously unseen or otherwise glossed over. In a voice as frank as it is warm, clever, and wise, Monroe explores surviving the traumas of a difficult childhood, navigating the exploitative side of fame and the wolves that lurked in the shadows, and the unshakable sense of loneliness that plagued her over the years. Releasing for the first time in audio 60 years after Monroe’s death, My Story is a self-aware, vulnerable look beyond the veneer of celebrity.

Publisher’s Summary

Marilyn Monroe had the most famous face of the 20th century. A legendary actress, comedienne, and sex symbol, she has been one of Hollywood’s most talked-about performers ever since she first crossed the silver screen. Her fame persisted long after her tragic death—but as time has gone by, it has become almost impossible to separate the legend of the woman born as Norma Jeane from the truth.

Now, at last, Marilyn’s real story can be told.

Written in 1954, as she approached the height of her fame, this heart-wrenching unfinished autobiography provides the best possible glimpse into what it meant to be Marilyn Monroe. From its unflinching account of her desperately poor childhood to its firsthand look at the inside of the Hollywood fame machine, My Story gives us the Marilyn nobody else saw. As her story continues to be reevaluated and retold, including in the forthcoming Netflix biopic Blonde, starring Ana de Armas, this book is the key to separating fact from fiction.