Marilyn Monroe – Miller Wedding (MW-037)

June 1956 — On July 1, 1956, a hot summer’s day in Katonah, New York, a select group of family and friends gathered at the home of playwright Arthur Miller’s agent Kay Brown, to celebrate a traditional Jewish wedding. In attendance were Milton, Arthur’s family, Marilyn Monroe Production’s agent Jay Kanter and his wife Kit, the Strasbergs, the Rostens, scriptwriter George Axelrod and fashion designer John Moore. The ceremony took place in an internal room that was fairly crowded with other guests looking on through doorways and windows. Marilyn requested that Kitty prepare the meal, because she knew all of Marilyn’s favorite dishes: Corn Flake Chicken, Southern-style, some sides and a beautiful wedding cake. It was served alfresco, on two wooden tables. The informal gathering shows a happy time for the newlyweds. An optimistic Marilyn is known to have written a personal note that day stating, “Hope, Hope, Hope.”

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