Marilyn Monroe – Trestle Sitting (T-02)

July 1955 — The Greene’s home in Weston, Connecticut was originally a barn and a residence. Milton converted the barn by putting in large ten-foot by four-foot windowpanes in the ceiling as skylights and similar windows on the north wall. The light in the studio was soft and glowed. It was more like a painter or sculptor’s studio than a photographer’s. It was designed by the artist Joe Eula, a close family friend. The next three sittings were not under assignment; they were just done simply for their enjoyment.

Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 0.1 in
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Image Size: 20×20 inches – Paper Size: 24×24 inches

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Image Size: 26×26 inches – Paper Size: 30×30 inches

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