Reframed: Marilyn Monroe CNN Special

Reframed: Marilyn Monroe CNN Special

the archives helps shape marilyn monroe documentary

A year and a half ago, the production crew that was hired by CNN to film a Marilyn Monroe documentary contacted us. After getting a detailed overview, we recommended various content providers, in addition to the Archives. They also expressed interest in interviewing my mother, Amy Greene, for the film. They sent a crew to film her in Florida and we supplied them with home movies and stills. Last month, the film entitled Reframed: Marilyn Monroe aired on CNN. Their point-of-view was to show Marilyn as an independent, self-made executive producer with her own production company. My father, Milton H. Greene, and Marilyn Monroe started Marilyn Monroe Productions, whose first two productions were the movies Bus Stop and The Prince and the Showgirl.

reframed: marilyn monroe trailer

Reframed: Marilyn Monroe is a four-part CNN Original Series that revisits the extraordinary story of an ordinary girl who burst onto the scene and became one of Hollywood’s most famous leading ladies. Narrated by Golden Globe-winning actress Jessica Chastain, this revolutionary mini-series explores Monroe’s story to uncover themes of feminism, sexuality, and power that continue to drive the cultural conversation today. We’ve attached the trailer for the CNN documentary below, (check your local listings for re-airing or streaming options).

amy greene talks marilyn monroe

We’ve also added a special nugget, which is Amy talking to two of the most well-known Marilyn collectors, Greg Schreiner and Scott Fortner, who have their own collections of Marilyn’s personal items. They are responsible for doing a modern-day memorial service for Marilyn on the anniversary of her death every year at Westwood Village cemetery. The attached video is Amy sending a message to the Monroe fans. Enjoy.