We’ll Always Have Paris

Milton H. Greene was passionate about five things: beautiful women, Paris, food, fishing, and his family. In 1951 while running down a staircase from one Paris collection to another, he passed one of the models, Nelly Nyad. They both stopped and eyed one another. Milton introduced himself as a photographer, she said she was a model working with Givenchy.

A wonderful, passionate relationship ensued for three years and opened many doors for both of them. As they got more serious about marriage, a rift became a deciding factor: Nelly did not want to leave France and Milton could not conceive of leaving New York.

This group of pictures are in no particular order but shares his style. We hope you enjoy them and appreciate how Milton was driven by his passions.

PAris Picture2
PAris Picture1

The above pictures were part of a series of ads of romantic couples in settings around Paris. This image was done Arc de Triomphe and the adjoining image was done at the Place de la Concord.

Paris Picture3
PAris Picture 4

Oozing with European confidence, Sophie Litvak was photographed in Paris for Life Magazine, 1952.

PAris Picture 5

This image of Catherine Cassidy was done in 1950, but what Milton loved about it was its simplicity. The backdrop, the skylight from above, a single cot adorned by the silhouette of the feminine form. Even though it was shot in New York, Milton always said it reminded him of Paris.

PAris Picture 9

In keeping with Milton's simplicity, he photographed this picture of Nelly Nyad in his studio in New York. It has become one of his quintessential images. Chic and timeless.

PAris Picture 10
PAris Picture 6

Due to Milton's relationship with Nelly, he was also introduced to model Bettina Graziana one of the 20th century’s first supermodel and Parisian socialite. Givenchy, Bettina, and Nelly all flew to Milton's home and studio in Westport, Connecticut where Milton photographed Bettina in this beautiful dress for Givenchy's first collection in 1952. Milton and Bettina's friendship continued through the rest of their lives.